Shaft Tamir

Propeller shafts and rudder shaft repair

Ustun Is Marine offering for shaft repair service with technology of cold straightening of the propeller shaft enabling fast and economically coating repair.

A surface damage and corrosion shaft can cause premature wear of sterntube bearing lines, gear boxes or couplings and in a worst case scenario it can bring the vessel to a halt, In most cases, cold coating and repair of the shaft is the primary option for resuming operation fast and economically, compared to purchasing a new shaft.

Henkel Loctite Shaft Repair has developed a unique technique of cold coating and repair providing repair of shafts of all types and sizes. Many jobs can be completed within 24–48 hours from arrival at our workshop. Ustun Is Marine have service for propeller shaft repair with cold coating and repair kit. Our experience is in your service for you find solution to problems about propeller shaft syrtem with Henkel Loctite Marine Products

Cold repair and coating is performed by a special methods, This method does not affect the metallurgy of the shafts, releases stress from the material and allows full recovery of the geometry of the shaft with the same tolerances as for a new shaft.



  • Sealing cracked castings, Propeller shafts and Propellers.
  • Local Repair on proppeler shaft
  • Patching non-structural defects in steel castings.
  • Making models and jigs for holding odd shaped parts.
  • Making metal dies.
  • Resurfacing worn air seals.
  • Re-profiling pitting caused by cavitation and or corrosion